5 of the funniest bad business names ever!

The name of a business is one of the most important decisions you will have to make. Many owners create a simple name which is easy to remember. Others create names with their product or service in them so client know exactly what they do.

The following businesses took a different turn on the road.

Are the owners clever geniuses? We’ll let you decide.






#1 Kum & Go

Image result for kum & go







I am assuming they don’t want you to go too quickly.

A chain of gas stations which apparently was bought out in 2016 and will be re branded as Cenex gas. It is an Iowa-based chain dating back over 50 years according to its site.






#2 Passmore Gas

Slide 6 of 24: A name that’s hard to forget, to be sure.

We couldn’t find their website but we did see their google reviews and they did receive a 5 star review just for their name. Must be working!








#3 Amigone Funeral Home

Image result for amigone funeral home








The funeral homes are gorgeous with over 15 family owned Amigone locations.







 #4 Stubbs Prosthetics & Orthotics

Slide 11 of 24: Let’s see: Would the parent company also operate “Empty Socket Glass Eyes”?

They run a successful family business since 1981. Current owner is Mark Stubbs, the son of the original Mr. Stubbs.








#5 Curl Up & Dye

Slide 15 of 24: We usually like to emerge from our hair appointments alive.

There is a salon in Brampton Ontario for all our Toronto readers!  Go Curl Up & Dye in a location near you!





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