World Championship Beer Pong Tournament coming to Toronto!

Did you and your college buddy win all the campus tournaments?


Are your shots never off?


Do you think you have what it takes to be the World Beer Pong Champions?


Well call your partner now and register here!


Beer pong championship is coming to Toronto


Teams of 2 from across Canada will be coming to Toronto on November 17th from noon to 8pm to battle for the title and win two free trips to Cancun.


The 2nd annual Palooza Beer Pong Festival in Ottawa has officially broken the World Record for World’s Largest Beer Pong Tournament (2700 attendees)!


Now that it’s coming to Toronto, perhaps we can do better?


Beer pong tournament is coming to Toronto


It will make its debut in Rebel.


If you want to win $6,000, you and your partner should match your outfits and that will enter you in a competition for “best dressed duo”.


Palooza will feature Multiple big name DJs, a Celebrity MC, Celebrity judges and 100 beer pong tables.


Lets show Ottawa which city has the true beer pong champs!


These will be the rules you need to follow.


Send us your team pictures to be featured!

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